One platform for all sales channels.

See how Colonial Airport Parking grew online sales by 197% and revenue by 35% in the first 30 days using Ocra.

Instant scalability.

Add more sales channels – not more work. Ocra centralizes them all in one management platform.

Ready to scale? Get up and running with a new channel in just 12 minutes.

Less time logging on.

Each sales channel has their own portal – and that's a problem. Ocra solves it.

Sign into just one platform to sync rates, inventory, and blackouts across all of your channels.

All-in-one reporting.

Get one single source of up-to-the-minute sales activity across all channels.

Customize. Automate. Segment. Create online reports for stakeholders and send them the link.

Universal inventory.

Conquer – don't divide. List all of your inventory in the Ocra pool instead of divvying it up.

When a spot sells through one channel, Ocra dynamically blacks it out on the others.

Our Mission

Before we were Ocra, we were operators. Like our clients, we felt boxed in by inefficiencies for everyday operations like rate changes, blackouts, and reporting. Today, our team builds technology to solve them.

The first ever solution we built for operators was called "One-Click Rate Adjustment" – or, for short, "OCRA". Our platform has grown tremendously, but the name Ocra reflects our mission: empathy through interaction.

Our Leadership Team

Ethan Glass
CEO & Co-founder
NPA 40 Under 40, 2020
Nate Dunning
COO & Co-founder
NPA 40 Under 40, 2021
Leo Connelly
Founding Team, Head of Research and Development
Christopher Everton
VP, Product & Partnerships NPA 40 Under 40, 2021
Alexis Bedoret
Technology Lead
Sarah Becherer
Marketing Lead
NPA 40 Under 40, 2018
Brandon Nozaki Miller
Senior Software Engineer
Garth Boyst

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